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    Architecture With/Out Architects was a lecture & discussion series of personal & unconventional perspectives on architecture. Speakers & attendants, as non-architects, expanded definitions of architectural knowledge during these sessions in which the lively open discussions held as much focus as the presentations. The series was successful in bringing architectural thinking & discourse to people & places that had previously not considered themselves fit for architectural expertise or thought, to prove that architecture is for everyone.

    This site was used during that time & now serves as its archive.


Architecture with/out Architects was a lecture series curated by Melissa J. Frost as the chair of the Department of Architecture at The Philadelphia Institute of Advanced Studies Sept. 20th  2008 – Dec. 11th 2008 As “a series of educational and exploratory dialogs as a query into the concepts of space beyond the customs and cliques of architecture” each event included … Continue reading


I. tonite is the aerospace talk. hope you all can make it. II. LIST:: As some of you  are not on the PIFAS  listserv, & therefore have no way to know about future events, I will now be starting a separate list. Emails through PIFAS will still be sent out for the events held there, … Continue reading


Please come to this Thursday’s talk on nature (December 4th) as the important questions of today’s human will be answered completely. The following weeks lecture on Aerospace is also not to be missed as it will be the only lecture given inside of a balloon… From blow-up space stations to radical politics, inflatable habitats and … Continue reading

natural / architectural

Thomas Storck, an Environmental Scientist, will explore the evolution of zoo habitat design and it’s relation to man’s evolving conception of & relationship with nature. Stephanie Chiorean, Philadelphia Watershed Planner and Philadelphia Orchards Project board-member, will further explore the concept of humans as natural and urban ecology. December 4th. 8pm. PIFAS. 1712 N 2nd St. … Continue reading

algorithmic architecture

Thursday. 10/30. 8pm. PIFAS For the second installment Melissa Frost will be delivering a short introduction philosophically questioning computer as creator followed by Kristen Smith (of PennDesign) presenting her well informed take on algorithmic design: “More commonly associated with problem solving strategies in mathematics and computing, algorithms have now taken on a central role in … Continue reading

Skateboarding, Action, and Architecture.

Brandon Joyce of PIFAS shares his inexpert opinions on how it is action that anoints architecture with meaning. Calling on street-skating as a high model, he’ll speak about how use, misuse, and transformation can override— or even negate— intent and expression in architectural design. Followed by q&a/discussion. skate vids. recommended background info October 23rd. 8pm … Continue reading


architecture with/out architects will be an on going series of educational and exploratory dialogs as a query into the concepts of space beyond the customs and cliques of architecture. that is to say, this is for you, whoever you are. As an attempt to seek architectural thought in its full scope, topics traverse urbanism, sociology, … Continue reading