architecture with/out architects will be an on going series of educational and exploratory dialogs as a query into the concepts of space beyond the customs and cliques of architecture.

that is to say, this is for you, whoever you are.

As an attempt to seek architectural thought in its full scope, topics traverse urbanism, sociology, subculture, financial astrology, psychology, psychogeography, revolutionary politics, computer programming, history, philosophy, ….

currently proposed subjects: algorithmic architecture, skateboarding as architectural experience, heidegger and space…

The format is immediate and necessary. Participatory and communal. Thought provoking for the dead inside and direct for the A.D.D. riddled modern.

This is an open call for topic propositions. What do you know about? What would you like to learn about?

A calendar will be maintained here, continuously updated, and summarizing past events.

Meetings will be informative introductions of subject, followed by discussion, remaining always open to impromptu speakers, field trips, proposals, projects.

The Department of Architectural Studies at the Philadelphia Institute for Advanced Studies will host these events regularly through Decemeber.

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