+ Umbau School of Architecture; How Do We Engage the World? — William Tate

with corresponding Umbau exhibition at the Megawords Storefront.

+ Skateboarding & Architecture — Brandon Joyce / Richard Davis

+ Architecture & Algorithms — Kristen Smith / Melissa Frost

+ Nature / Natural / Architecture — Stefania Chiorean / Thomas Storck

+ Aerospace & Artists — Mathew Lippincott


Aerospace & the Architect

Dec. 11 2008

Matthew Lippencott

The lecture was given in a balloon in the main space of PIFAS. Matthew Lippencott worked at PIFAS through the weekend for a solar balloon launching on sunday. Photos by Rich Davis.

audio part 1 (the talk) & part 2 (discussion)




Architecture & Algorithms

Kristen Smith / Melissa Frost

Oct. 30 2008

Held in the classroom at PIFAS 



Brandon Joyce

Oct. 23 2008

hypertext available here (includes mentioned videos, key slides, etc.)

First 45 mins transcribed and posted in Materials

download lecture and discussion audio here 


UMBAU- How Do We Engage the World?

William Tate

Sept. 20 2008
William Tate, architect [AIA] and founder of Umbau School of Architecture will lecture at PIFAS on Saturday, September 20 at 9p.
Tate will discuss new possibilities for architecture and making toward a redefinition of education. Umbau is in its fourth year of operation with a summer studio in Vienna, a seedling school in Rwanda, and ongoing collaborations with an urban + cultural identity architect/consultant in Bosnia-Herzegovina. 

Corresponding exhibit at the Megawords Storefront

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