Architecture with/out Architects was a lecture series curated by Melissa J. Frost

as the chair of the Department of Architecture at The Philadelphia Institute of Advanced Studies Sept. 20th  2008 – Dec. 11th 2008

As “a series of educational and exploratory dialogs as a query into the concepts of space beyond the customs and cliques of architecture” each event included 2 speakers, generally non-architects, speaking on a topic at the periphery of architecture with a long open discussion following.


+ Umbau School of Architecture; How Do We Engage the World? — William Tate

with corresponding Umbau exhibition at the Megawords Storefront.

+ Skateboarding & Architecture — Brandon Joyce / Richard Davis

+ Architecture & Algorithms — Kristen Smith / Melissa Frost

+ Nature / Natural / Architecture — Stefania Chiorean / Thomas Storck

+ Aerospace & Artists — Mathew Lippincott

Photos / audio  & transcriptions have been added to the archive

over & out for the time being

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