algorithmic architecture

Thursday. 10/30. 8pm. PIFAS

For the second installment Melissa Frost will be delivering a short introduction philosophically questioning computer as creator followed by Kristen Smith (of PennDesign) presenting her well informed take on algorithmic design:

“More commonly associated with problem solving strategies in mathematics and computing, algorithms have now taken on a central role in contemporary design theory and material fabrication. This new strategy for design follows in the tradition of process and rule based artisans like Jackson Pollack and Sol Lewitt that engage in a system whereby the executor follows the instructions while the outcome is not foreseen. By rejecting traditional canons and compositional methods, algorithms along with advanced computation allow for a rigorous method of achieving complexity, intricacy and formal variation. This talk will focus on the transformational role that algorithms play on the historical, philosophical and aesthetic implications to the discipline of architecture.

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